Eloquence Art Prize Art talks by university students
French & Australian culture


The Eloquence Art Prize ® is a national challenge for university students across Australia.
It rewards the best Art talk on French and Australian cultural ties. The theme is specific and different each year.
The Eloquence Art Prize ® aims to provide wonderful opportunities that “money can’t buy” to students aiming for a career in the Arts.

A Culture Plus initiative, in partnership with the Embassy of France in Australia


In Paris, a one-month trip to meet Art professionals

In Australia, special mentoring and internships

2024 Prize list: See Terms & Conditions

2024 Sponsors

Kerry Garner AM

2024 Partners

David Kent OAM


Pre-selection: entries close 17 May 2024 (summary paper 400 words) – T&C apply

Information sessions for students : Wednesday 9 May (zoom, Eastern times)
  • 1 pm, ETA, click here
  • 8 pm, ETA, click here


2024 Theme: Nature Inspired Artists, from Art Nouveau to Today

Humanities and Art university students are asked to:

Compare two artists, from any Art discipline, one Australian, one French, with at least one being from the La Belle Epoque era, and analyse how sensibility to nature has impacted their artworks.


Analyse Art Nouveau’s influence on Australian Art(s) or artist(s)

Alfred Stevens, Fedora (portrait of Sarah Bernhardt), 1882, Gift of Krystyna Campbell-Pretty AM and Family through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gift Program, 2024, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923), the most famous actor was also a painter, sculptor, and writer. She performed in Melbourne in 1891… in French! She is the 2024 Eloquence Art Prize’s muse.


Election of the Winner, amongst all university front runners


National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Melbourne

9 October 2024 (tbc)


President: To be announced

Jury Members

Kerry Gardner AM

Ted Gott, NGV, Senior Curator

More to come

Participating Universities


Gordon Bull (Australian National University)

A/Prof Anthony White (University of Melbourne)

Prof Mark Ledbury (University of Sydney)

A/Prof Emily Brink (University of WA)

A/Prof Amelia Barikin (University of QLD)

Eloquence Art Prize

Is organised by

Culture Plus

In partnership with The Embassy of France in Australia

And with the patronage of Kerry Gardner AM

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Eloquence Art Prize

Is organised by

Culture Plus

In partnership with
The Embassy of France in Australia

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