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2023 Eloquence Art Prize

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Eloquence Art Prize

2023 Grand Champion

To be announced

Name of the Champion: To be announced

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Art and environment, France and Australia.

Over the centuries, many intellectual movements have reflected on human impact or interactions with nature.
Students are asked to analyse how environmental concerns or sensibilities have influenced the works of two artists, one French, one Australian.


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.



Deborah Hart, Head of Australian Art, NGA.

Judging Panel

  • Yarran Gabtsy, Art Monthly Australasia magazine, editor
  • Janet Laurence, an Australian artist, internationally recognised, who explores our relationship to and the being of the natural world.
  • Karine Mauris, Cultural Attache, Embassy of France in Australia.
  • Terence Maloon, outgoing Drill Hall Gallery Director.
  • Russell Storer, Head of International Art, NGA.

Thursday 28 September, from 2 to 5 pm.

The Aboriginal Memorial

National Gallery of Australia

James Fairfax Theatre

28 September 2023, from 2 to 5 pm.

Australian National University


A/Prof Robert Wellington


A/Prof Robert Wellington, Director Centre for Art History and Art Theory, ANU,

Gordon Bull, VP Alliance Francaise Canberra, Director Culture Plus,

Rebecca Edwards, curator Australian Art, NGA,

Michael Fitzerald, Director Art Monthly Australasia,

Dr Gemma King, Senior Lecturer in French, ANU.

Pre-selected students

  • Rebecca Blake
  • Poppy Thomson
  • Carl Vail

University Representative

Poppy Thomson

National Art School


Lorraine Kyopotis


Lorraine Kypiotis, Head of Undergraduate Studies, National Art School,

Dr Michael Hill, Head of Art History and Theory, National Art School,

Emma Balazs, Head of Learning and Teaching, National Art School,

Dr Chelsea Lehmann, Artist, Head of Postgraduate Studies, National Art School.

Pre-selected students

  • Erica Nottage
  • Artemisia Cornett

NAS Representative

Artemisia Cornett

University of Melbourne


A/Prof Anthony White


A/Prof Anthony White, Deputy Head, School of Culture and Communication, Melbourne University,

A/Prof Justin Clemens, Literary Studies, Melbourne University,

Prof Veronique Duche, Chair in French, Melbourne University,

Dr Miranda Wallace, Senior Curator, National Gallery of Victoria.

Pre-selected students

  • Christina Marie Olszewski
  • Jessica Benter
  • Clare Fuery-Jones

University Representative

Christina Olszewski

University of Sydney

All submissions to:

Click on link below:


Prof Mark Ledbury, Director of the Power Institute, University of Sydney,

A/P Donna Brett, Chair of Art History, University of Sydndey,

Dr Victoria Souliman, Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies, University of Sydney.

Pre-selected students

  • Imogen King
  • Nadia Odlum
  • Harris Ledvinka
  • Benjamin Meurs

University Representative

Imogen King

University of Western Australia


Dr Darren Jorgensen


Dr Clarissa Ball, Director, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia,

Thomas Feldstein, Director, Alliance Francaise de Perth.

Hannah Matthews, CEO, PICA.

Pre-selected students

  • Santiago Renteria Aguilar
  • Maraya Takoniatis
  • WhiteFeather Hunter
  • Byron Ellis

University Representative

Byron Ellis

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for students to enter the Eloquence Art Prize are:

  • Art discipline students (double degree students are allowed),
  • Honours, Masters or PhDs students, or in their final year of Undergraduate,
  • Enrolled for the calendar year in one of the participating universities or art schools.

Students applications are first evaluated by their university jury (see below for the jury composition of each university) and then by the jury of the Final. University and Final juries are composed by at least three eminent art professionals.

Pre-selection (Stage 1) of 3 to 6 students
  • Stage 1: 26th of May: date of submission of a summary paper (see below) to the university’s jury for all universities except Sydney University (22nd of April).

Specification for the summary paper:

    • Student’s contact details and photo,
    • Student’s self-introduction and level of study (PhD, MA, Hons or U): 50 words maximum,
    • Summary of the talk: 400 words maximum.

Criteria for the pre-selection:

    • Respect of the words limit,
    • Relevance and interest of the talk in relation to the Prize‘ theme,
    • Well written and structured argument.
Elections (Stage 2 and Final)
  • Stage 2: Election of a university’s representative,
    • 28th of July: date of submission of a 10-minute You-Tube video to the university’s coordinator.
    • 28th of August: date of submission of the final version of the You-Tube video ands the Summary Paper.

This video will be published on Culture Plus website and used as a substitute if any condition preclude a live performance at the Final.

This last version of the Summary Paper will be used to select the winner of the Art Monthly Australasia Prize.

  • Final: 28th of September, 2 – 5pm, at the National Gallery or Australia: Election of the Eloquence Art Prize’s winner, based on a 10-minute-live performance.

Specifications for the video:

    • 10-minute lenght maximum
    • Supports may include power-points, photos, videos, music.

Criteria for the video or live performance:

    • Relevance and interest of the video’s content in relation to the Prize‘s theme.
    • Public speaking skills and good use of materials. No reading papers are allowed. Limited reading notes are permitted.
    • Respect for the time limit (10’).
    • Summary paper: well-structured and solid argument.
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List Of The Prizes

Grand Champion

  • Return flight to Paris (up to $3,000),
  • $1000 cash, donated by the French Embassy in Australia
  • Meetings with Art professionals in Paris,
  • Art History classes, donated by Ecole du Louvre in Paris (*)
  • Meeting with the Cartier Foundation,
  • Mentoring sessions with the Jury of the Final, composed of renown Australian Art Industry professionals.

University Champion 

  • $500 cash, donated by the French Embassy in Australia
  • French lessons: French for travellers, French conversation or Comprehensive course (up to $600), donated by Alliance Francaise Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (*)
  • Mentoring sessions with the University Judging Panel

(* Conditions Apply)

2023 Eloquence Art Prize

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